2015 Boudoir Beauties – Denver Boudoir

After such an amazing year, all I’ve been able to think about is what is going to happen in my boudoir business in 2016! But when I stepped back and looked at my year in review…wow, I’m at a loss for words.

In 2015 I photographed over 55 beautiful women in Denver and Las Vegas. Each one of them is unique, I wish I could tell every story! I worked with some of the most talented ladies in their industries. I love to see my team work together to give my boudoir beauties an unforgettable experience. And lets not forget about The Boudoir Studio here in Denver! This wasn’t even a goal on January 1st, 2015! Last year brought unimaginable possibilities to my business. I’m so so thankful!

So cheers lovely ladies…

This year we realized we are worth more. We stepped out of our comfort zone. We laughed, we danced. We embraced the baby belly and accepted the terms of use on our body for years to come. We married the man of our dreams and canceled weddings last minute. We said “f*ck cancer” and remembered why we love to live. We lost things that we thought would make us complete. We made new little humans. We turned corners. We surprised ourselves.

We were vulnerable. We were ready to see ourselves through honest eyes…then we fell in love with what we saw.

Happy New Year Blush & Tease Beauties!

Blush & Tease Boudoir. Denver Boudoir Studio.

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