Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Oh…me and this beauty go way back. Over a year and a half ago we sat down to plan her shoot. She was excited, a little nervous. We went through all of the motions of preparing the perfect shoot for her and then duty called. This beauty is one of the amazing women (and men) that serve our country, and well, when the military says its time..its time. Repeatedly (and probably annoyingly) I contacted her to remind her that I still had her deposit and that one day we WOULD do this shoot. She deserves it! And oh wow what changes in that amount of time! So over a year later we met again, this time I had a studio and she had a ring on her finger. I believe timing is everything and this was no different. I love that even though a year and half went by we picked right back up, planned a whole new perfect shoot for her, and FINALLY she stepped in front of my camera. One of my favorite things about Ms P is her trust in me. She was an open book, ready to see her honest, intimate beauty. And it paid off in these pictures!

After the whole experience was over and we were done designing her package she sent me this sweet text…”I cannot thank you enough. You are honestly amazing at what you do. I never got a chance to tell you but the photo shoot was more than just a gift to my husband, it made me feel really confident and in a way it was a gift to myself as well! I think that if any one has a calling in life, yours is to take pictures and empower women. I couldn’t imagine doing my pictures with anybody else! Thank you thank you thank you!” Yes, I admit, there were tears. If you know me, you know how passionate I am about showing women the beauty that the mirror hides. She got a glimpse of what her husband sees in her everyday, and she fell madly in love with that woman.

So here is this week’s Friday favorite…

I think this picture is my favorite because it was simple sexy. In my own opinion is was angled perfectly and I really got to show off my flawless makeup. When I see this picture it’s kind of hard to believe that it’s really me! I love it!” Ms P 

Hair & Makeup by the amazing Allison Beach (

boudoir photographer

Yes…this is one of my top 3 images from her shoot too! But I just have to show you some of my other favorites! She has what I call “prop hair”. Perfection! Ok lets be honest…every inch of her was perfect.

Denver Boudoirdenver photographerdenver boudoirdenver boudoirboudoir photographerdenver boudoirdenver boudoir photographer

Ms P, Thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to show you this side of yourself. AND share it with the world! Thank you for not thinking that I’m a total stalker freak when I would follow up with you every few weeks haha! And watching you fall in love with yourself through this experience made my heart so happy. You are the reason I do what I do. Thank you for understanding me and letting me in to understand you. I hope we meet again soon!