Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

It’s Friday and that means I get to share some of my client’s favorite images from their boudoir shoot! This week is a little different. If you follow me on social media you’ve seen some maternity images come across your feed. Wait what? You shoot maternity?! WELL…let me explain. I’m a boudoir photographer in Denver. One of my close friends is a newborn photographer in Las Vegas. She asked me to photograph her maternity session and with lots of planning…we made it happen. It started with a boudoir session in Las Vegas. Maternity boudoir is so different, but there is something so beautiful about it! I think you’ll agree. The second session we planned was in Denver! Part 1 downtown and Part 2 in Rocky Mountain National Park. It couldn’t have gone any better! Anyway…let’s hear from Essie.

Pregnancy…One of the most beautiful, powerful and special time’s in a woman’s life. That said, it can also be challenging, tiring and emotional. For 40ish weeks, our bodies aren’t “OURS”. We grow and change in ways that we couldn’t even imagine.

This is my 3rd pregnancy, and gosh is my body different this time around. There were a couple times I thought “Eh, I don’t feel up to a Maternity Session this time around.” But Adena insisted, and I am so glad she did. No matter how much weight I gained, how many stretch marks I have, or how tired I was, this is such a special time. It needs to be captured and I am so glad I did!

Thank you Adena for reminding me of how powerful our bodies are, how special this time is, and for making me feel beautiful! You are truly talented!”

(We were lucky enough to get to work with a handful of hair & makeup artists on these shoots! Make sure to check them out! Paper Bag Beauty, Makeup by Heather B. and Kim Watts)

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A few things I realized from these sessions…Its so much fun when photographers work together! Essie is so talented and such an artist. Make sure you go check out Essie Rose Photography, you won’t be disappointed! Although Essie is usually the one with maternity clients, it was so nice to see this pretty mom in front of the camera. When we talked about a maternity shoot I got a little nervous, I mean, I’m a boudoir photographer, this is a little out of the box for me! But once we started working on ideas I realized something…every little part of what we did mirrored a Blush & Tease shoot. This was a moment for a mom, who is growing a little miracle, to see her true beauty. Moms have such a hard job (and yes, I know its rewarding, but its still hard!) From growing to feeding to changing at the beginning…now I’m knee deep in school conference, swimming lessons, reading and bike riding! It never ends. And its a glorious thing for a mom to remember just how beautiful she is. To remember that even though she is covered in spit up, or boogers, or homework papers…she is a sensual, breathtaking woman.

I wanted to share one more of my favorites…this is one of my most requested poses during my Denver and Las Vegas boudoir sessions. And this momma made it look SO amazing!


Essie, thank you for trusting me with these sessions. I will never forget how much fun we had from the time we started planning to the time we were racing over the mountain to catch the perfect light. You are such an amazing friend to me, such a beautiful momma, such a talented photographer. I LOVE having you in my life. Now…we are more then a week overdue! ITS TIME TO HAVE THAT BABY! Maybe she was just waiting for my Friday Fave post. Ha!
Love you. Adena