Expectations – Denver Boudoir

I am excited to share this client’s session because it was so unique! To be honest, all of my boudoir sessions are incredibly unique but for some reason this one seemed more obvious to me. But enough about that, you can see it in the photos! Let’s talk about something extremely important…expectations.

I know that when you choose me as your photographer, you have expectations of me. My goal is to exceed every single one of those! T.G. said “I felt guided throughout the entire process. I never felt pushed at all and Adena always gave me her advice when I needed it.” And also, “I was surprised how easy and fun the actual shoot was. I was SO nervous beforehand but I ended up having the best time that day.”

There are so many ways and so many moments during the Blush & Tease experience that I hope to exceed your expectations, but that is for a different post. Right now I want to talk about what I expect from you. OHHH. Ok then.

First of all, I want you to hear what I’m NOT expecting of you. When you first email me about your shoot, do I ask you for a photo of yourself? When we chat on the phone do I ask if you’re self confident or how much you weigh or how long your hair is? The answer is NOPE. No way! None of that stuff is important for me to do my job.

So what do I expect of you? Honesty. Trust. The desire to see the real, beautiful you. And an open mind to learn more about self love, self care, and self confidence. That is all I need.

Let’s dive into these beautiful boudoir photos for a little storytime…

(Dream team: Makeup by Heather B. & Hayley Styles)

When T.G. showed up at the studio for our planning meeting I wasn’t expecting to open the door and see a breathtaking woodland fairy. And it’s not because it isn’t every day a pocket sized red head with kind eyes and a sweet soul knocks on the studio door. It’s because I don’t have expectations about my clients’ appearance…at all.

I start with a blank canvas…

When I see you for the first time I don’t start with a template of what works best for me. I start with a blank canvas that I get to fill in as I get to know you and your definition of beauty. There are so many times that I just laugh to myself and think “She has NO IDEA” because you’ve already got it, you just don’t know it yet!

What is your definition of beautiful & sexy?

During the planning meeting I will ask specific questions that will help us both discover what you want to see in yourself. Every woman has a different definition of beautiful and sexy, I want to figure out YOURS and then I want to show you that in YOU. No matter what you see in the mirror, that doesn’t change my mission.

Can we pause and appreciate the colors that T.G. brought? Every single one of them flattered her! You can go check out the instagram battle on this outfit HERE.

colorado boudoir

denver boudoir photo

Although you may feel like there is pressure on you to perform for this photoshoot, there is NOT! I guess the best way to put it is, this is YOUR EXPERIENCE and it is MY JOB to make it the best for you.

I asked T.G. what she thought the first time she saw her photos. She said, “I was blown away!!! I was so happy with the quality, the lighting, the feel…it was exactly what we talked about.”

All she had to do was trust me and show up!! And maybe giggle at my not-so-funny jokes ha!!

BONUS OUTFIT!! Sometimes clients bring stuff they are unsure of and I get to play! I call it the bonus outfit because it is usually something none of us are expecting and it usually leaves our jaws on the ground…T.G.’s was no different. WOW!

“During the shoot my confidence went through the roof and it really hasn’t gone down since. Seeing the pictures has just been icing on the cake! I’m so, so glad I decided to do this. This will NOT be my last photoshoot!” -T.G.

So the next time you think you would love to have the Blush & Tease experience but…

You aren’t enough, you are too much, you need more, there’s just no way Adena could work with this.

STOP. Read this again. And let’s chat.