Twice the Fun – Denver Boudoir Photographer

When I met L.F. I knew that her and S.D. could be BFFs. So when S.D. decided to travel to Denver and book her outdoor boudoir session, L.F. decided it was time to shoot outside too! It was SO MUCH FUN having these two together on a shoot. They cheered each other on, made each other laugh, and just soaked up the experience together.

S.D. said one of her favorite parts of the Blush & Tease Experience was “…the joy of watching you photograph another beautiful lady and seeing her come to life with your instructions and light up with joy as she became more and more comfortable and confident.”

And it just so happened that one of their outfits totally worked together so this shot was a MUST!

Makeup by Heather B. & Hair my Tina Marie Hairstyling 

two ladies at an outdoor boudoir shoot

Can’t you just feel the FUN?!

This was L.F.’s third shoot with me and although she has loved all of her sessions, she was a bit skeptical that she could love boudoir photos outside. We sat at the planning meeting and just cracked up about how awkward she thought it might be! Planning outfits has to be one of my favorite parts of an outdoor boudoir shoot. And these ladies did not disappoint!

outdoor boudoir laughter

cowgirl boudoir outfit

western boudoir wardrobe A few fun things to note about this outdoor boudoir session…

  • Both of these beauties are over 50…stop letting your age scare you away from this experience!  “I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter your age or your body shape, your beauty comes from within. Thank you Adena for showing me that?”
  • This was the FIRST time these 2 had met in person!
  • And also, we could not stop laughing the whole dang time!

I’m so excited to show you this next set of photos. I was just in awe at how different these photos feel even though they were taken just seconds apart! Do you have a favorite?

sunset light photography

“I had an idea of what the outdoor boudoir experience would be like, but it was 100% better than I could have ever imagined!” S.D.

I know SO MANY WOMEN who are drawn to the outdoor photos…trust me, it is a completely different experience than a studio shoot. And every woman deserves this!

And of course…we had to end in the water!!

LADIES, YOU ARE BOTH SO STUNNING! Thank you for trusting me with this and for cheering each other on. One of my 2020 highlights, FOR SURE!