A Look Back at 2020 – Denver Boudoir

What a year! Everyone has been holding their breath to get to a new year and a fresh start. But I’m just over here super thankful for clients who believe in what I do and a business that made it through a realllll rough year.

As I pulled up all of my 2020 boudoir clients I was in awe. I always say that my people find me at the right time, and last year was no different. There were so many moments that I felt like what I do as a boudoir photographer doesn’t actually matter. I doubted that the world needed this during such a hard time. And then I saw my clients walk through this self love process, seeing themselves in a new light and then hearing their feedback about their experience TOTALLY proved me wrong.

“This experience has changed how i feel about myself in so many ways! When you receive your pictures, you get to see how other people see you. You get to see yourself in a different light & perspective, & that is the greatest gift Adena has given me. I see my body in so many beautiful ways that i never did before this experience and for that i am truly grateful.” K.W.

“This was a one of a kind experience that I wish I could do all over again. And I definitely will do it again at some point! She captured everything that I have been looking for in myself. A strong, authentic, confident, fearless woman that loves her body inside and out, can be free, can be vulnerable and look damn beautiful!” B.D.

“I feel 10x more confident in my daily life. And not just in my body and physical appearance but just in my attitude towards what I can accomplish.” H.R.

“I love every piece of me after this experience.” K.C.

“You helped me to see myself in a different light/perspective with the stunning photos you took. I’m proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and relearning to take better care of myself.” S.S.

“This experience has given me so much more confidence and, actually, so much more joy in myself.” S.D.

See what I mean? This is important. It’s not just about feeling ‘pretty’ or ‘sexy’. It is about learning to fall in love with the woman that you are so that you can KNOW that you deserve to take up space in this world and so that you can KNOW that you are needed, just as you are.

Well, here they are! The 2020 ladies (who signed a release, obviously)! This year was rough for small businesses but I had the privilege of having 47 women in front of my camera. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to each and every one of you who made this year happen.

denver boudoir client collage