Protection & Permission – Denver Boudoir

“Are you going to put my boudoir photos online?”

“Who is going to see my boudoir photos?”

These are questions I hear so often and for very good reason. I wanted to dedicate a blog post to the protection of your photos and the permission that you CAN but DO NOT HAVE to give me to share your photos.

Boudoir photos are very personal, intimate and vulnerable. They are also beautiful, powerful and inspiring! I truly believe that you can’t have one without the other, if that makes sense. Because my clients really open up to me and trust me during their Blush & Tease Experience, I can capture these breathtaking moments of women falling in love with who they are and feeling so comfortable in their skin.

So the simple answer to these questions … it is 100% up to you who sees them and where they go! 

When you come in for your planning meeting we will go over the Blush & Tease model release. It is annoyingly detailed because I’m annoyingly protective of your photos. It goes through every place they would ever be seen or posted online AND which photos we are talking about. Lingerie vs. Nude. Photos with your face vs. Anonymous photos. Every option is there on that list for YOU to decide. And of course “Please keep my photos private, do not share with anyone” is on the list too. This experience is for YOU, it’s just a perk if I get to show your photos off!

And here is another fact about your boudoir experience with me…you don’t even have to decide this until you see your photos! For some women, they know right away. Maybe it is a job situation or maybe they want them all online right now haha! But for most women, they hesitate until they see that their photos really are as beautiful as they had hoped and then they are able to make a decision that they feel so confident about.

I hope this helps! If you still have questions about the protection of your photos…please reach out! Otherwise, head over to the private FB group to join us in chatting about permission to share photos. You get to read past clients chatting about why they didn’t share or what it feels like to see their photos on social media!


To wrap it up…here are a few ladies who have recently signed a full release. I love it when my clients see the need to share photos so that YOU can have the guts to reach out and book your shoot! xo Adena