Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

I am so excited to finally be able to share this boudoir session with you! It all started when I offered to go shopping with a client on instagram. A.G. reached out to me and admitted that one of the things that was holding her back from booking her Blush & Tease Experience was the thought of figuring out what to wear. So I told her…I’ve got you girl! And that’s where the story begins.

When I met with A.G. for her planning meeting, I knew this was going to be such a unique shoot! All of my clients are completely different women and it is so important to me that I showcase their unique beauty! A.G. shared so much with me and we were able to dive into her passions and her heart.

When we started talking outfits I asked her where she typically shops and my heart skipped a beat when she said she’s a total thrifter. Goodwill girl all the way! And she’s not a huge lingerie person. So of course she was thinking, where in the world do I find stuff for a boudoir session?! I knew just where to take her. “Have you ever been to Buffalo Exchange?”

A few days later we met on Broadway in Denver and hit Buffalo Exchange. The plan was to head to Goodwill after BUT we found all of the magic at our first stop. Then we headed over to Femme Fatale across the street to finish up the list. (Side note: LADIES! If you have not been there and met Angel…it is a MUST!)

So, let’s get to A.G.’s favorite! The whole story was really just to tell you, if you worry about outfits…don’t. I’ll give you a great list to look for, shop for or even find in your own closet! AND, pay attention to her outfits because they are AMAZING and so unique! Alright…enough from me…

“I am struggling so hard to choose a favorite! I love these photos so much. I am very partial to this one because every person who sees it just freezes and smiles. My husband chose it for my contact photo and I am beyond flattered. The best thing is that he says that this is just exactly what I look like. The whole experience has given me so much power. I am freakin’ beautiful, strong,  wise, and healthy, and it shows!” A.G.

LOOK AT HER!! I just love to see such an honest photo of such a beautiful woman. She is just shining!

Now for some of MY favorites…

The photoshoot was so freeing! It was so fun to PLAY and feel beautiful doing it.” A.G.

One of the things that makes this beauty so unique is her love for plants and flowers. SO of course, I had her bring some to her boudoir experience!

And this blue outfit…WOW! (For real, go check out Femme Fatale!)

This is one of my favorite sets of photos! After this shot, which can be a really awkward pose, I showed her the back of my camera. The next shot is her reaction! It’s just PERFECT!

You have to hear what she had to say after the whole experience…

I just love my body. All of it. Seeing these photos has made me see that there is NOTHING wrong with my body, face, hair, facial expressions, or anything else. My body has given me so much and I’m going to give back now with love, health, and gratitude for putting up with all my crap over the years.” A.G.

And I just have to show off my favorite outfit of the day! I love pulling pieces into your boudoir shoot that can be worn in other ways later. A night out in this bodysuit with some jeans? Or this kimono over some simple leggings and a tank? She gets to relive feeling this beautiful through her photos AND her outfits!

So tell me, is choosing outfits holding you back? If so, let’s chat…I’ve got you girl.