Beyond Boudoir – Telling Her Story

“Oh man. Where to even begin… I had admired Adena’s work from afar for so long before actually ever reaching out. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that fear is generally the determining factor in holding us back. Fears stemming from our own insecurities and the fear of inadequacy. What would we see if we allowed ourselves to do such a thing?! I saw her post about a light and shadows shoot she was planning. I figured if I was going to go for it and do a shoot, I was going to do one where I could hide in the shadows! Adena’s email back had me feeling different. I’m not certain what she said exactly, but I simply felt that a mini shadows session wasn’t enough, so I decided to do a full session. It would be my fiance’s wedding present and in a way, justified it. I was already going to give him forever so why not give him a totally unseen side of me while I’m at at.” -C.K. 

Ok I’m going to stop this pretty thing RIGHT THERE. I do remember exactly what was said…and I think its important to know how C.K. identified herself before her session. So, here are a few little pieces from our original emails…

C.K.: “I’ve been following you for a while and love your work but will admittedly say this is way out of my comfort zone as I’m sure you’ve heard before lol. In your blog post, I definitely identify with the woman who has “never seen herself in this way”. I have scoliosis and a twisted little body to match so when you talked about using the shadows and poses, it spoke to me and I at least had to know more!”

C.K. is referring to my After Hours blog post. You can go back and check that out HERE.

My heart broke when I read her words because I truly believe every single woman feels like hiding in the shadows at some point, but I also realized it was my job to pull her out of that darkness and show her her beauty in the light of day.

ME: “Yes it is totally normal for this to be out of your comfort zone. I think that pictures like this can be so empowering, and we see that when we look at them and admire the women in the pictures, but then when we think about being the one in front of the camera we think of a million reasons why its not for us. It is a very vulnerable experience but let me tell you, I think it would be perfect for you. Not to see your body as something that has always given you problems, but how perfect it is right now, as is, carrying you around day to day to live this crazy awesome life.”

I had the unmeasurable privilege of gaining her trust and she jumped right in!

“To stop my rambling and make this long story short… my experience ended up being SO much more. My photos make me feel empowered during a time of total vulnerability. I see strength in the mysterious steamy shadows and in the light, a softness I’m not sure I ever knew I had. I went in to it thinking it was just a super epic wedding present but I also found that I finally gave all of myself to me. My husband’s wedding present was the best present I could’ve given to both of us. He obviously LOVES them. He says how he sees me everyday is finally printed on paper for me to see. I can’t say I disagree. I think I like to look at them as much as he does. I just usually do it when I need a reminder of exactly what I’m capable of. So Thank You, Adena, for all you do and the beauty you help us all see. Its truly amazing and I love you so dearly for it.” C.K.

So let me repeat myself and say…this experience is for every woman who is ready to love herself more. All it takes is a little trust and a quick email saying you’re ready!

I don’t think anyone who looks through her images would think the words “twisted little body”. And I’m so thankful C.K. can finally see that too! Here are some of my favorites from her session…
C.K. Thank you for allowing me to tell your story. You are such a beautiful woman, inside and out. I feel honored that you allowed me to show you a side of yourself that was hiding and I hope you continue to see it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not to mention, the way you have continued to believe in me and my business means the world to me. I ADORE YOU!
xo Adena