Best Friends, Bellies & Boudoir – Denver Boudoir Photographer

I have been wanting to blog this session for SO long and I’m finally getting around to it. Prepare to fall in love with 2 of the most beautiful mommas you’ve ever laid eyes on! To be completely honest, this might be one of my favorite sessions of all time. “But Adena, you’re not supposed to have favorites!” Well, this time you’ll have to allow it because these 2 beauties are 2 of my bestest friends! And on top of THAT, they are sisters!! Seriously, how much more perfect could this session be?

We headed out to Eldorado Canyon, one of my favorite places to shoot outside of Henderson, NV and got to work. These girls are a dream to photograph and those perfect bumps just made it even dreamier!

There are moments during a photoshoot that stop me in my tracks. Look at her, 100% stunning goddess! I probably could have just went home right then! BUT I’m so glad we kept shooting…so much goodness!

WOW. A mother’s body is nothing but pure art! I am in awe of the way the light just settled on her and her sweet son in this moment. So peaceful, ready and waiting, so much love.

As the sun was setting, we headed out to the dry lake bed. The wind started whipping like crazy, which I always LOVE during an outdoor boudoir session!

Yes, what you’re seeing there is a crazy dust storm haha! Another perk of photographing your best friends…you’re not AS afraid to make them a little uncomfortable for the shot, they still have to love me!

I’ve learned that one of most magical parts of an outdoor session in the desert is when it gets ‘too dark’. Years ago I would have turned my camera off and headed home 30 minutes prior to this, now I crave waiting for those last little highlights on a woman’s body. So when time allows, let’s let that sun set.

My darling ladies, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have the chance to photograph you both at one of the most beautiful times in your lives. THEN to even comprehend being able to do it at the same time, TOGETHER…I’m speechless. I love seeing you both as mommas and you deserve every coo and giggle those cuties are sending your way! Love you all more than you’ll ever know!

xo Adena