The Body Suit – Denver Boudoir Photographer

As I’m beginning my search for the perfect wardrobe for my own boudoir session, I thought I would share the knowledge here on the blog! So lets get this dressing room party started!

What to wear…the bodysuit. 

You’re seeing the body suits everywhere and there is a reason! This is by far one of my favorite pieces of boudoir wardrobe.


  • They flatter EVERYONE…seriously! Don’t believe me? Just go try a few on. Cosmopolitan says its one of the “7 items of clothing that look good on absolutely everyone”. See, its not just my opinion! I think there are a couple of things that come into play when you think about adding a bodysuit to your boudoir wardrobe. Bodysuits can be tight and hold everything in, which admit it, we LOVE them for. Also, they show off our good curves! Think about the shape of our legs and hips, instead of cutting them off at certain regions we don’t want to pay attention to (ex: tummy/thighs), they show off those long legs and squeeze to reveal the curves we all have and want and love.
  • One word…COLOR! Purple? Blue? Olive green? Whatever looks and feels the best on you, I bet you can find it. (Ok ok, black we totally still love you.)
  • Ok one more word…POSES! On the floor, against the wall, by the chair, in the bed. Bodysuits make every pose look hotter than hot!

So trust me on this one and body suit shop when its time for your boudoir session. Actually, I’m pretty convinced we all need a couple in our closet for any day we want to feel and look fantastic!



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