Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Oh the story of this Blush & Tease boudoir beauty! I was so so excited to get her Friday Favorite email…mainly because I will take any opportunity I can get to show off her pictures! She is such a strong woman, an amazing momma, a breathtaking lady. I just absolutely ADORE her. In case you can’t tell.

I’ve had a handful of clients see her images and ask for THAT. Well allow me to let you in on our little secret. One word. Vulnerability.

Look up this word and you will see a million different quotes and sayings about what it actually is. But let me tell you, I’ve seen it in all of its glorious beauty in my clients.

“The first shoot I did with Adena, I was separated from my husband. In a last ditch effort to sort of rekindle – something and at the same time claim an ounce dignity as a woman, I booked a shoot with Adena.

I didn’t know Adena. I only knew her amazing make up artist Heather from high school and knew if Heather loved her… I would too.

Our first shoot together was like the ‘woman mystique’ was unleashed in me. I recreated iconic poses of authors who moved me to tears and Adena brought out so much confidence in the broken woman that I was… I remember I left the shoot crying. Boudoir is not just about sexy poses and nakedness. It’s about vulnerability. It’s opening up a deep soulish vision of how we want to view ourselves. It’s emotional. It’s beautiful.

Our next shoot together, I had reclaimed myself in a brand new way. It was about something new. Something fun. ‘Purple Lip’ we called it. We laughed the whole time. Being with Adena is like being with an old friend who sees apart of you that no one else does. She gets it. It is what makes her so incredible to work with… she loves you through every season of your life.

I drove home that time smiling. I had worked through so many difficult transitions as a woman who had fought through so many hardships. I have my third shoot with Adena in August. As a single woman who is weary at times, confident at times and ultimately grateful for new beginnings. Get ready. This shoot is going to be something fierce.” -Ms. M.

denver boudoir boudoir photographerboudoir photographerdenver boudoir

Isn’t she just stunning?! And yes, the August shoot was something incredibly fierce! If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve seen some teasers already! But before we get to that, I just have to share a few of MY favorites from Ms. M’s first 2 sessions…

colorado boudoircolorado boudoirboudoir studiodenver studiodenver boudoirdenver boudoir

Ms. M. You are an inspiration. A force. A soul so beautiful and deep that I can’t help but be intimidated when you step in front of my camera. How can I capture you, there is no way I can do you justice with a Canon 5d markiii. If you can see the slightest bit of something to LOVE about yourself in these pictures, let me be very clear, it is only the tiny tiniest glimpse of the beauty you posses, inside and out.

Love you.