Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Its been so long since I’ve taken a few minutes to share a Friday Favorite with you! Let me explain what this is all about…

I get over the moon excited when clients allow me to share their boudoir images. Whether it’s on social media, on my website or even just in print, its such an honor to be able to show off their beauty to other women who are thinking about booking a session with me. BUT there is something so interesting about hearing YOUR favorite.  They are almost ALWAYS different then my favorites! So the Friday blog is all about letting you have the floor for a second, letting you tell us why you love your favorite images from your boudoir session.

Ms. S. was a bride to be when we did her boudoir session in my Denver studio. She is just stunning! Her outfits were amazing and her attitude was as beautiful as she is. We had so much fun! And those shoes…oh my goodness. Because I had so many favorites from her session, I was so excited to hear what her’s was…

As for my favorite photo, I would have to say it is the one of me in my bridal lingerie and pearls, looking out the window.  You captured such grace and elegance in that shot!  I went into this thinking that the edgy, risky photos would be my favorites….but what really caught my eye, was that you captured such beauty in that photo.  I absolutely love what it represents.  I love that it is soft and sweet but still sexy and feminine.  YOU NAILED IT!” -Ms. S. 

denver bride

So here are some of my favorites, yes, I said SOME. That means I could have posted more haha! Hey, I tried to narrow it down! First up…one of my favorite boudoir wardrobe items…what I like to call ‘the sexy pj’.

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Ms. S, Thank  you so much for allowing me to share your images. You are so gorgeous inside and out! Thank you for being adventurous and trusting me 100%! I loved getting to know you and I miss you already! Haha! Let’s do it again!