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I tell my clients all the time that the mirror is so deceiving. When we look in the mirror, we see a reflection of ourselves doing an inspection. How is my hair? Is my butt getting bigger? Wow, this is NOT a good color on me! What’s on my forehead? So yes, maybe the mirror shows you a reflection, but when its viewed with inspecting eyes, picking out the flaws, THAT’S what shows up.

Real talk here…

I want you to think about the last time you sat across from one of your favorite women and had some good quality time. Maybe it was over dinner, at a happy hour, or in your PJs having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. As you chatted, laughed, caught up…did you notice her hair being a little off? She totally needs to get those roots touched up. Did you think…she probably needs to cut back on the doughnuts? Did you look at her the way you look at yourself in the mirror? No. Instead you saw bright eyes, engaged in conversation. You heard laughs that brought your mood up instantaneously. You soaked in her friendship and loved every second of it. You saw her and thought “She is beautiful!”. Well, I can almost bet she was thinking the same thing about you.

When I sit across from my clients in my studio and ask them questions to plan their perfect boudoir session, I get to watch their minds search for the perfect definition of sexy and beautiful. I have the privilege of seeing their eyes light up as they tell me what they love about themselves. We laugh, we get to know each other, and all I can think is…she has no idea.

Then you go shopping for your session and stand in the mirror like THAT (we all know that posture when we look at ourselves in a dressing room) and it all comes back again. Picking yourself apart, wishing for Carrie Underwood’s legs, and maybe even second guessing this boudoir shoot altogether.

It is such a mental game! So I stand by the fact that the mirror can be a dirty little liar.

But I also know that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Really what it comes down to is we just aren’t very kind to ourselves. Blush & Tease sessions are about seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.

So let’s make friends with the mirror shall we? When you shoot with me, you’ll hear me curse it for its weird angles and the fact that I end up being in your picture (Do you know how many times I’ve had to photoshop my reflection out of a photo ha!). But you’ll also see me stop mid-stride through the studio when I catch a glimpse of what the mirror is seeing from a different perspective. We really do have a love/hate relationship!

So please ladies…next time you look in the mirror…SMILE. Admire the woman that you are. Think of 5 amazing things about yourself and then watch your eyes light up. Take it one step further and compliment yourself OUT LOUD! You deserve to see yourself like this. Because “You are the fairest of them all.”



Ok what’s a boudoir blog without some gorgeous ladies’ images? Cue the sexy mirror photos.

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