The Blush & Tease studio exists to support and empower women in every stage of their life. Our main goal is to show them their beauty and create a safe and insanely fun experience that teaches them more about themselves and the other women around them. BUT, besides my hair & makeup team (who are the BEST of the BEST), I am a one woman show and I NEED HELP! So, I'm taking a huge step and hiring an assistant to help me keep this all running smoothly for my amazing clients.


The Blush & Tease Assistant will be the go to gal for so many things but her main purpose will be to help me (Adena here!) with tasks that keep client workflow moving and to assist with the to-dos on the back end of the Blush & Tease business.


Her duties will include things such as...
- Computer tasks (examples: building slideshows, creating galleries, backing up files, organizing files)
- Studio housekeeping (prepping before and cleaning up after sessions)
- Client product pickup meetings
- Packaging collections
- Capturing behind the scenes content during sessions
- Email & text communications with clients


So, what's REQUIRED?
- PERSONALITY! She must work well with women, bring positive energy, and be comfortable around nudity.
- Basic Apple computer skills. I will train her in iMovie, Adobe Bridge and Honeybook.
- That you are NOT a photographer, this position is a personal assistant and is not for (amazing) up and coming photographers.


What is BONUS?
- Instagram knowledge including tagging other businesses and locations, hashtag knowledge, stories and reels.
- If you already know Bridge and Photoshop...make sure to mention this!


What does this look like?
- SHOOT DAYS: You arrive, prep the studio, welcome my team. Then we go through the tasks for the day. You work on my computer while I shoot. Capture some behind the scenes. Get to be a part of the BEST DAY EVER. And clean up and put the studio back together after.
- NOT SHOOT DAYS: Computer work, client pickups, package prep, and basic studio management.


So...the details?! PLEASE?!
- The thought right now is a part time, short term position for the summer. I'm flexible on this! But it is my first time hiring a legit assistant and I want to learn from you as you learn from me. If the summer ends and you need to go, that's fine! If you want to stick around, we will reevaluate in the fall.
- This position will be 10-20 hours per week and pay $15-$25/hour depending on skills.
- Days and times are usually different every week but we can talk about flexibility to make it work well for everyone.


QUESTIONS? Email me!


Email me with your resume and the answers to the following questions...
- Why do you want to be a part of the Blush & Tease team?
- How well do you understand the Blush & Tease experience & how do you see my assistant playing a part in it?
- What are your strengths, achievements, or additional qualifications that I should know about?