I’ve Got You, Babe – Denver Boudoir Photographer

We are officially on month 3 of 2022 and it has been a total whirlwind. But unlike most years, that whirlwind is not all hustle and hurry. This year my goal is to SLOW DOWN. I tend to get in a groove and just work towards a bunch of check marks at the end of the day. Give me my A+ and we are good to go! But this year I was challenged (thank you amazing therapist) to watch for when I’m speeding through moments and realize what I’m avoiding or what I’m missing. Woah. I’m sure I’ll dive deeper into that later but for now…

The other day as my client was getting into her first outfit she mumbled something under her breath. If it would have been a typical GO GO GO Adena day, I would have totally missed it. But slowing down has brought me so many gifts and this was one of them. As I asked her to put on her first outfit she said something like…

“So I don’t have to make any decisions for the next couple of hours?”

My first thought…OH. I always tell my clients that I am BOSSSSSSY. Like, that comes natural to me. I know how beautiful you are. I know how to make you feel comfortable in my space. And I know how to capture gorgeous photographs of this jaw dropping, beautiful woman in a way that might make her say something like “THAT’S ME?!” Yes babe, and it always has been. I’m just showing you a new perspective.

My next thought…OHHHHHH. How many decisions do we make every day, every hour, every moment? It’s time to turn your brain off, lean in, trust me and enjoy the ride. LET’S DO THIS!!!

As I thought about blogging the “slow down” moments…I had to feature this babe’s boudoir session because, well…long story that I’ll keep short. I’ve known her since she was an actual babe and watching her grow into THIS WOMAN has been such a pleasure. I’m so proud of her and the life that she is building. Her smile literally makes me MELT. So when I had her in my studio (she flew to Denver to shoot with me) in front of my camera (note, she helped me break in my very first camera in the tunnel slides at the park), I wanted nothing more than to slow down. I wanted to keep her for as long as I could, and show her just how breathtaking she is.

Dream team: Makeup by Heather B. & Tina Marie Hairstyling

I saw this quote and it reminded me of this babe. As the new bride building a new life AND as the tiny girl singing and dancing to Spice Girls with me FOR HOURSSSS.

Obviously, I get super emotional when I see how fast time flies! But also, let me just sit here, slow down, and cheer this babe on.

I mean, if there isn’t an applause or a jaw drop happening right now, I didn’t do my job. This babe deserves to see her power, beauty and joy EVERY DAY.

K.F., Thank you for letting me share your photos but even more than that…thank you for trusting this crazy process I have made for my boudoir babes. You have cheered me on from the beginning and then when it was your turn you dove in with nerves, uncertainty, curiosity, excitement and trust. I love to see you being loved so well. I love watching you love on yourself. You are truly amazing!