Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Happy Friday! OH, do I have a treat for you today! Its fun to chat with my followers about different clients’ images that they love so much. Usually somewhere in that conversation, Mackenzie’s name comes up. Maybe that’s because we have done 4 boudoir sessions together, and each time she so graciously signed a full release. Maybe its because she has a depth to her that shines through in her pictures. Hey, maybe its just because she’s THAT striking!

Whatever excuse I can come up with to keep posting Mackenzie’s pictures, I’ll take it! So when she sent me her Friday favorite submission for the blog I was SOOOO excited! Not only is Mackenzie breathtaking, kind, full of grace, (ok, I could go on and on) BUT she is also an insanely talented writer! So I’ll just stop blabbing and let you read her words. She tells her story so beautifully.

“I think the thing I love most about boudoir and namely – the thing I love most about Adena, is the incredible way she captures vulnerability through an artistic expression of a woman’s body. Because for me, shooting with Adena was not about being sexy to show a man that I am worthy. It wasn’t about esteeming my prized assets. It was about saying – this is who I am in this very present moment. I come to you with a body, soul and spirit that reflects my deepest reality. I have done four sessions with Adena… and each of these sessions represent something incredibly soulish for me.

My marriage ended between session 1 and 2. My search for purpose in this happened between 2 and 3. My rebirth into newness happened between 3 and 4.

Because this is what good boudoir does – it reminds us that we can come at any stage of our life and be seen exactly for who we are. Stripped, vulnerable, tearful, hopeful or strengthened. Boudoir with Adena always reminds me that when I push away the noise, I am just raw woman and this woman is enough.” -M.T.

Session 1 – Longing to be Seen

Session 2 – Entering Heartbreak

Session 3 – Seeing Hope on the Horizon

Session 4 – Awakening to a Woman I’ve Never Met – A Woman that is Me

Putting together this blog post was surprisingly emotional for me. There was a realization that each of my clients holds a place in my heart and I feel incredibly privileged that they offer their vulnerability and trust to me. I accept this very personal role in their very important moments. And it is my prayer that I can do their story justice!

And well, I can’t just stop here. Its my turn to show you MY favorites from four completely different boudoir sessions over the last three years! Its so fun to see how my photography has grown into something new and unique but also, to see Mackenzie grow into this woman that is awake and alive and free.

I know, I know…picture overload (sorry, not sorry).

Mackenzie, Thank you so much for sharing your favorites with me and your journey with my blog. I have loved every single second of telling your story! Not only are you one of the most beautiful people I know (inside and out), but your words and your story bring something to this world that can’t be described. #beautywillsavetheworld Love you more than Katy Perry lyrics and red wine.

xo Adena