Private Boudoir Gallery – Denver Boudoir Photographer

AHHH FINALLY! This is a smokin’ private boudoir shoot that I’ve been waiting to share until the finishing touches were all in place. As most of you know, last year I introduced the ‘Blush & Tease Exclusive’. These are boudoir sessions I will be offering for one day out of the year and they are unique in many different ways. First of all, think location. Although I love my studio space with all of my boudoir photographer heart, as an artist I get the itch for something new and challenging. The Exclusive sessions will always be somewhere new and unique! They will usually have some sort of theme. And they are always a once in a year sort of opportunity! I love the Blush & Tease Exclusives for return boudoir clients who can’t stay away and want something fresh. And I also love them for the clients who want to show up and let me get creative!

So in December I offered the very first of its kind…The Blush & Tease Winter Exclusive. I found a perfect little Airbnb in downtown Denver, we decided to go with a cozy, wintery theme, and it booked SOLID almost right away! After chatting the owner of the loft, he told me the walls were pretty bare and was hoping that I could hang some of my art. I will admit, at first I was a little confused. I mean, my boudoir clients are people, these are their portraits, how weird to hang them in a random loft downtown? But the more I thought about it, the more I began to appreciate his request. All of my boudoir photos are art to me and to my clients, why wouldn’t they be to everyone else as well? Instead of just finding some gorgeous shots from the past, I decided to ask a return client to come in and let me play. Knowing the art I was hoping to create, we made a mission to get some gorgeous b&w anonymous shots to hang on the perfectly teal wall. Something about checking into your Airbnb in Denver only to see super steamy images that were shot IN THAT VERY LOFT…I mean, how would you describe that? Intriguing, mysterious, HOT.

When a photographer is given the freedom to create as they please, something thrilling happens. It takes away their limits, pushes their norm, keeps them on their toes, but most of all, it brings them to life! Even though this session was really for my own private boudoir gallery, it was so fun to hear what N.M. had to say after seeing her photos!

“Working with Adena is simply amazing. The entire experience in front of her camera made me feel feminine and sexy. I can’t thank her enough for the stunning photos she captured and how they’ve made me view myself in a completely different light. YOU are beautiful, Adena’s photos help to remind yourself of that!” -N.M.

Thank you for letting me play and your willingness to become art to some lucky Denver visitors! And thanks to Makeup by Heather B. for nailing her dewy look! (Hint hint…those metallic lips can be found at HB Cosmetics!)

Ok now onto the photos…here are my client’s faves:

And of course, I have to share some of my favorites too, although narrowing down this session was torture!

And now, the big reveal! I was so anxious to get in there and hang the gallery. Too anxious maybe, I ended up printing a new product to try it out…it looked gorgeous above the bookshelves. AND I pulled an old outdoor photo from Rocky Mountain National Park to print on a matte metal for the bathroom. What a fun project! And I am incredibly happy with the results!

Anyone know any bare walls that need some half naked babes on them? Its my new hobby! 😉