Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

I’ve been on a little journey of discovering the ‘why’ behind what I do. Sometimes the answer seems so simple, I teach women how to see the beauty that they already have. But really its so complex! When Ms. F. reached out to me, she told me that she had been thinking about shooting with me for YEARS and was just now working up the courage to actually think a boudoir session might be for her. When we met for coffee I realized that I had a jewel on my hands and I wanted nothing more then for her to lose herself in this process and walk away a woman with new (heart) eyes for herself. She deserves this!

To be honest, I truly believe that I’m part photographer and part therapist haha! And YES that’s a lot to handle, but if I only half way did my job, I would feel so unsatisfied. So instead I dive into the hearts of my clients and pour myself into my main goal, to teach them to see that beauty, for them to fall in love with themselves a little more.

Ms. F. came to me with the idea to surprise her hubby with her boudoir photos. She knew it was COMPLETELY out of her comfort zone and that he was going to be floored! She wasn’t really even sure how he would react to the whole thing, but she was ready to see herself in this light. In the end, she learned SO much about herself and HE couldn’t get the images out of his head!

So stick with me here. I know my goal is for my clients’ mindsets to change, for them to let go, and fall deep in love with who they are. That’s a little self discovery, a lot of trust, and a beautiful process. BUT there’s something else that happens. When her view of herself changes, when confidence comes rushing in, it makes her even MORE attractive to the people around her. Its the ripple effect that I’m learning about. From the moment a client reaches out to me…change is happening. Its so much more then a boudoir session.

“It took me two years to get up the nerve to do a boudoir shoot with Adena, and now that I’ve done it — I can’t believe I waited that long!  As a busy, working mom and wife, it’s not often I get to take time for myself to celebrate where I am in life and who I am inside. I walked into the studio with the intent of surprising my husband with a gift, but I stepped away with something so much more. I’ve always been a fairly confident person, but this experience has unleashed a new, better version of myself. I’m so proud of the way the photos turned out, and I have Adena and her amazing team to thank. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  Now when I walk by Victoria’s Secret and see a beautiful piece of lingerie in the window, I don’t question if I could pull it off… now I know I can rock it!” Ms. F.

Ms. F, Thank you for letting me share a little of your story and a few of your images. You are such an incredible wife and mother, but let me tell you, you are an amazing woman PERIOD. All those other hats you wear just accessorize the authentic, selfless, true heart that you are. I really hope that your honey loved this so much that we get to do it again soon haha!

xo Adena