Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

We are headed out of Denver for some spring break fun BUT I wanted to post a quick Friday favorite to keep you entertained! This client was so much fun to work with and I just adored how much her husband encouraged her to do a boudoir session with me. He was so excited for her to finally see a side of herself that he sees daily. Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Makeup: Makeup by Heather B. Hair: Camrie Oliver at Eco Salon

“All of these photos make me feel genuinely beautiful. I really like the first 2 because I feel like these photos also capture my personality – I just love that. It’s easy to get all fixed up, put on sexy clothes, and look hot. You managed to make me look attractive while also capturing who I am as a person. That means so much to me. Also, I’ve never really felt TRULY attractive before. Growing up (and it still happens now sometimes), I was always called ‘unique looking.’ I wanted so badly to have a celebrity doppelgänger or have the face of a magazine model. People told me not to worry about it – they said having a unique look was something to be proud of. I’ve never been proud of it and always saw it as a curse. Even on my wedding day when people told me how beautiful I looked I internally justified it thinking, “Oh every bride looks beautiful on their wedding day.” After getting these photos I realized I didn’t have anymore internal excuses – I felt legitimately beautiful and liked the photos. I’ve started thinking about my appearance as ‘uniquely beautiful’ vs. ‘unique looking.'” -Ms. I.

And I had to add a few of my favorites to the blog too! One of my favorite things about Ms. I’s session was the quote she chose to put on her boudoir box. I love watching women fall in love with themselves during the Blush & Tease experience. Its a moment that every woman deserves!


Ms. I, Thank you so much for telling your side of the story! Its a common thing to turn a compliment into a criticism, you’re not the first to do so. But I LOVE that you have now seen what the world sees in you! You are absolutely, uniquely beautiful and DON’T YOU FORGET THAT!