Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

I can’t even tell you how much I love the feedback I get from clients who read my blog! They love the Friday Favorites. Its a perfect way to show that every woman is unique and sees “sexy” in a different light. Whether it’s a boudoir shoot in Denver or Las Vegas, every woman is different. It is my job to design her boudoir shoot to be her’s alone. This Friday Fave is no different. I’ve known this pretty thing for some time now and I’ve got a bit of an attachment to her. She’s hard working, loyal, selfless. She’s a mom and in the military. She serves her family and our country. No one deserves a deep breath and to see herself in this light like this woman does. Ok, I’ll shut up and let her talk now…

“Ladies!  I don’t know what to say really.  I’ve always thought of myself as such an odd duck, such a tom-boy.  I love being active and getting dirty, but I like to feel pretty and feminine too!  When I was asked what are three words I’d use to describe being “sexy”, I said being natural, feeling the right attitude, and being goofy (playful).  I’ve wanted to do something like this for so long, and when it was my turn to do this wonderful shoot, I was so nervous I kind of forgot all my words!  I really did have a fun time, and Mrs. Adena & crew made me feel so comfortable.  But in the back of my mind, that intimidating, negative voice kept creeping up, trying to convince me that I can’t be considered pretty or sexy.  Well all the pictures turned out beautiful!  I have physical proof that I can be sexy, and pretty, and bold, and tough, and feminine!  This one and a few others are my top faves because that negative voice was defeated, my words shined through the nerves!  Thank you Adena!”

Denver Boudoir

Here are a few more of Ms. K.’s favorites. I love how natural she is…and she admitted that was a struggle! But she felt it. Her smile shows that!

Denver BoudoirDenver BoudoirDenver Boudoir

(Makeup by the amazing Heather Baker. Hair by the one and only Kim Watts at Shear Society.)

Ms. K., Thank you for sharing your favorites with my followers, but even more, thank you for believing in me. Your excitement and urgency to be a part of what I do reminded me of the purpose of my business, my passion, my calling. I know that stepping in front of a camera is never an easy thing. And neither is taking a moment for yourself. You deserve it! I hope you can look back at these images and remember every single day to feel like THIS because it is who you are. Sexy. Bold. Tough. And most certainly, feminine. Your girls have a beautiful example to follow, don’t forget it.