Why? – Denver Boudoir Photography


I have been a photographer for about 7 years now. I have shot every kind of portrait genre you can think of. When I started shooting boudoir, to be honest, I just wasn’t crazy about it. To shake a lady’s hand and then try to get sensual picture of her just wasn’t sitting right for me. “Hi, what was your name again? … Ok, take off your clothes.” Nah.

I could have stopped there but my clients just kept asking for more! Finally, I realized, if I was going to do these shoots, I wanted them to be so much more then lingerie and makeup. After really studying and revamping what boudoir shoots would mean to me, I remember sitting across from one of my clients, a mom of 2, quiet and sweet, and asking her what she wanted from the shoot. I asked her to give me some emotions that she wanted to come across when her husband looked at the pictures. She said something to the effect of, “Well, I would normally never do ANYTHING like this, so I want them to be….” Everything in my mind was thinking she would come up with words such as flirty, playful, or maybe even romantic. Then she dropped the bomb… “SHOCKING.” OH! OK! We can work with that. The planning from that point on was so fun because I knew what she wanted! To this day her husband’s reaction is still one of my favorites!

I have studied posing and lighting and photoshop and everything you would need to have a successful boudoir photoshoot BUT the only way I can deliver photos that are perfectly sexy, is to know a woman’s definition of sexy. I have to step into her mind and learn who she is and what makes her tick. Needless to say, every woman who trusts me with one of these shoots means so much to me. I feel so blessed to have had clients that will let their guards down to show me how they truly feel beautiful and then allow me to capture them in that way.

So why boudoir? Why do I love to take racy pictures of women in lingerie (or nothing at all)? I love the freedom it brings to a woman. I love to see her blush when she sees herself on the back of my camera. I love the confidence she leaves with. I love how much she learns about herself in the process. I love to show women the beauty that her loved ones already see in her.

So welcome to the Blush & Tease boudoir blog. It may not be like any other blog you’ve followed. This is all about getting to know me (the photographer you’re thinking about taking your clothes off in front of) and the photography that I’m so passionate about! You’ll be hearing more from me soon.

xo Adena