Bestie Boudoir – Urban Adventures Never Disappoint!

Who wouldn’t enjoy a good photoshoot with their BFF, their ride or die, their soulmate? The Bestie Bundles are a great opportunity for you and your bestie to get pampered, take some absolutely fire photos, and trust me when I say these photoshoots are SO! MUCH! FUN! I can speak from experience; I’m the dark-haired shorty you see in the photos below 😉 The assistant has officially taken over the blog, helloooo boudoir babes!! I am here to show you just how amazing a boudoir shoot with your bestie can be, and even better when you take it downtown. Hopefully this will encourage you to send this idea off to your bestie…Summer 2023 here we come!

Dream Team: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry

These bestie bundles are an absolute blast! Now scroll down to see the absolute MAGIC we created…

We found this incredible wooden circle in the Rino Arts District and it was a perfect match for those green eyes.

You would be surprised at just how many awesome backgrounds there are just outside your door!

We had a lot of fun playing around with retro clothing items.

We love a wrought iron staircase and distressed bricks!

It’s all in the details…the red lip paired with the lace bra peeking out makes for a stunning match against the brick wall!

That booty though 😉

This has to be one of my favorite shots from this urban shoot! Although we were showing off our daring personalities, we did give Adena a few grey hairs…

Train Tracks + Retro = Enough Said

(These are NOT live tracks…Adena made me say that so no one would come at her! Shooting on train tracks is no joke.)

This red bandeau I stole from my mom…she wore it in her 20’s in the 80’s (AKA…go through your mom’s closets for some killer pieces!)

There are always lots of giggles in Bestie Boudoir!


Stunning, stunning, stunning! I simply cannot put into words just how fun this entire experience is. The more I think about it, the more I want to do another shoot with my bestie ASAP! Now, text your bestie and put it on your 2023 bucket list!

xo Paige