Friday Favorite – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Friday’s tend to be my favorite day of the week for so many reasons…and this is one of them! I love to see my gorgeous boudoir clients on my blog!

Ms. A. came to me so ready and prepared for her boudoir shoot. She’s a planner and I love her for it! This boudoir session was going to be timed perfectly for her boyfriend’s birthday! During our meeting we laughed over coffee and she shared her amazing ideas with me (military stuff and CUPCAKES!). Paired with my suggestions (her favorite little black dress), this shoot turned out to be one of my favorites!

And of course a little shout out to my amazing team that day… Makeup by HEATHER BAKER  &  Hair by ALLISON BEACH

“The entire boudoir experience with Adena was absolutely amazing!!! From our initial meeting through the photo shoot, everything was fun and empowering. She has an amazing crew: Heather did a phenomenal job with my make-up and Allie did a masterful job with my hair, giving me the sultry, sex, playful look I wanted. I felt gorgeous and sexy, not only during the shoot, but the rest of the day (and the day after). I had several outfits and a few props that I wanted to use during the shoot and we were able to get them all in during our hour together. Just trust her and her crew and you won’t be disappointed. She offers many different options for your finished pictures, much more than other photographers. You might be able to find someone to do a boudoir shoot cheaper, but TRUST ME Adena is worth absolutely every single penny!!! I’ll be booking her in the future.

I decided to do this shoot for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. He’s in the army and is deployed right now. With the app that Adena offers, I was able to get him his gift without worrying that it might end up in the wrong hands. And his reaction….. He was amazed with the photos and couldn’t get his goofy-happy smile off his face (we were on Skype when he downloaded the app). We’re both extremely happy with the final products. I’m so exceedingly grateful for Adena and her lovely ladies that helped me pull off the perfect 30th birthday present for my deployed honey!”

Ms. A. narrowed it down to her 2 favorites for the blog…

“The picture of me in the bra and garter is my favorite. I look as sexy as I felt. I’d been a little apprehensive about the bra and panty color, but you assured me it would look amazing and you were right! I look like a Victoria’s Secret model!!!”

denver boudoir

“The picture of me in the black dress is [my man]’s favorite. I wore that dress on our first date and he said looking at the picture, with my eyes downcast, reminds him of that date, our flirty eye contact, and my slight shyness prior to our first kiss.”

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Ms. A. Did such an amazing job bringing a variety of things that have a meaning to her boudoir shoot, but we still stayed focused on her. And how could we not? She’s stunning! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot…

denver boudoirdenver boudoir photographercolorado boudoircolorado boudoir photographerdenver boudoir photographerdenver boudoirdenver boudoir

Ms. A. Thank you so much for letting me share your experience and your beautiful pictures on my blog! I loved having the chance to show you what the world see’s in you every day. Don’t ever forget how sexy you felt during your shoot, try to feel that way everyday! Because you look it! I’m kind of sad the whole thing is over…lets have more coffee dates and cupcakes and shoot again soon!