"From the moment a client reaches out to me…change is happening. Its so much more than a boudoir session."

Boudoir has such a deep meaning to me. It is so much more than gorgeous makeup and sexy lingerie. To be honest, I truly believe that I’m part photographer and part therapist haha! And YES sometimes that’s a lot to handle! But if I only took beautiful pictures of my client without getting to know her and walking her through this self love experience, I would feel incomplete. So instead, I dive into her heart & pour myself into teaching her to see her beauty and fall deep in love with who she is.

As women, couldn't we all gain from loving ourselves a little (or a whole lot) more? This experience requires vulnerability and trust, but the outcome is full of self discovery, self love and (sometimes) a much needed perspective shift. I think its your turn!

A bit about me…

I am married to an amazing, hard working, incredibly handsome bearded man and we have  2 of the coolest kids on the planet. 

I love my family more than anything. Even in my 30s, my parents are 2 of my best friends.

I believe in God and that He gave me the gift to love people and see beauty in everything around me.

I love hanging out & dreaming with other small business owners, slowly we will take over the world.

When I want to 'lose my mind & find my soul'...camp, hike, and eat outside at every given opportunity. 

I have lived in OH, TN, NV & CO. "Home is where the heart is." Well, mine must be split into tiny pieces. 

Red wine. Enough said.

Adena’s bubbly, judgement free, outgoing and excited personality instantly put my mind at ease from the very moment I met her. It was like catching up with an old friend.” A.H.

“Adena was always able to gage my comfort. There really isn’t a word to describe how I felt that day. Empowered, gorgeous, spontaneous, giddy…..I could go on and on.” C.G.

When I look at my photos I am reminded that I am a strong, beautiful woman who can overcome anything. Thank you Adena for capturing this.” -M.H.