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I have been a boudoir photographer for 3 years now and just recently I have started to show off some of my work. At first it was scary…I was entering into a world that I wasn’t sure of. I wasn’t sure how people would handle seeing the women I photograph like that. Sexy. Vulnerable. Strong. Boudoir photography brings out emotions and these pictures put alot more out into the world then just skin.

The other day I was chatting with another woman and the topic of boudoir photography came up. She made a point to say, “I don’t know that I would ever do something like that. I mean, I don’t like to see myself naked, I would hate for everyone else in the world to have to see that!” It made me realize that in sharing more of my work, I’ve forgotten to inform you all just how protective I am of these pictures.

So…let me be clear. When you book a shoot with me, YOU decide if the images can be shared or not. And there is NO PRESSURE whatsoever to say yes! I do have clients who say no, isn’t it crazy to realize there are more images from me that you will never see! HA! After you see your final pictures we go through a very detailed release about what I can and can’t use. Some women are ok with having pictures on my actual website, but not on social media. Great! Others say “Use whatever you want as long as you can’t tell who I am”, so I post booty shots and avoid the face or tattoos, totally fine! And some just say, no thank you…and I’m 100% ok with that as well! When you book a shoot with me you are paying for my services and you are not signing on to be plastered on my many internet outlets.

And then there are the other group of women who say YES! Absolutely! Show me off! Tag me! (which I never do by the way haha) Some of these women started the whole experience thinking they would never let me use their pictures, once they fall in love with how gorgeous they are, their opinion shifts a bit!

photo image

Then to take it a step further…even with your permission I STILL double think every picture I put up! Maybe I overanalyze it but I know how much trust is placed in my hands during these shoots. I NEVER want to break that trust. Each woman I photograph is so special to me. I love knowing her story and getting to know her like not many people do. Blush and Tease is about taking off all of the other hats you wear and really exposing your true self, and this doesn’t just mean the outfits you choose. The pictures I post are little glimpses of the moments that I got to bring out of her shell.

“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.” Leonardo da Vinci

So trust me when I say I have full permission to use the images that you are seeing. My hope is when that client sees herself she’s reminded of her Blush & Tease experience, the feelings of freedom and confidence and beauty she never knew she possessed. And I hope that when other women see her they realize that every woman is truly beautiful and a boudoir shoot is a chance to capture that to have forever.



And since I have permission…

Denver Boudoir

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My name is Adena and I'm a women's portraiture and boudoir photographer in Denver, CO.

I tell the stories of women who live life authentically and love themselves truly. The Blush & Tease experience is made for every woman. So the question is, what are you waiting for?